Satin Branch Lifting

What is satin lifting without surgery?

With BTL Exilis Elite, the energy applied to the skin is transmitted to every tissue, so all of the collagen in the body is stimulated. Immediately after the application, this revival process begins. The visible and felt effect that emerges at the end of the application continues increasingly. This process is called Satin Facelifting because after application the quality of the skin and its smooth image are called to mind satin.


How many sessions are applied?

Satin face and neck lifting treatment is performed regularly for 4 weeks, 1 session per week. Since the maximum cholinergic stimulation of the person is provided in 4 weeks, there will be no advantage in taking more sessions.


Do we have to repeat it?

The recovery with collagen that reaches the maximum level after treatment is completed within 1 year. In some cases, the skin under self-protection continues to have this effect for about 1 year. The best part of treatment is that the skin that has been refreshed does not return to its pre-application state. Therefore, after a period of two years, another 4-session cure can be made again, and the satin effect can be sustained.


Where are the application areas?

• Satin Face Lifting
• Satin Abdominal Lifting
• Satin Body Lifting
• Satin Brachioplasty
• Satin Gluteal Augmentation
• Satin Leg Lifting
• Satin Back Lifting


Which results will regional thinning process produce?

Since radiofrequency and ultrasound systems are used simultaneously in treatment, the results will be faster and more effective than all other systems. The treatment is performed for 4 weeks, 1 session per week. If the treatment is for tightening the skin and if the person needs it, extra 2 sessions can be applied. After the second session of the practice, the person will begin to get visible results.

It has been proven by clinical trials that the wavy appearance on the body during application is completely eliminated or the formation of edema cellulite is inhibited. The BTL EXILIS ELITE has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for eliminating cellulite.

It has become the most preferred system because of the effective results in prolapse tightening and physical thinning in a short time.




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